Win-Win Negotiation

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

Strategies and techniques for achieving a successful outcome using collaborative, or “win-win” methods that acknowledge the position of all negotiating parties. This course can be adapted to a multicultural audience or to meet the needs of those working with a multicultural group.

  • Audience: mid-level and non-management employees looking to build basic negotiation skills that will be useful in their work responsibilities. The focus is on negotiating a fair and equitable solution through effective collaborative approaches.

  • Maximum participants: 25

  • Duration: Two days


  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator

  • Identify aspects of your role in the organization that require negotiating skills

  • Describe the differences between win-win (collaborative) and win-lose (zero sum) negotiating tactics and when each is appropriate

  • Develop approaches for dealing with difficult people in a negotiation setting

  • Participate in a series of general and work-specific negotiation role plays

  • Establish development goals for becoming a more effective negotiator


Agenda – Day One

  • Introduction to negotiation

  • Self-assessment

  • Negotiation in your workplace

  • Win-lose (zero sum) negotiating

  • Win-win (collaborative) negotiating

Agenda – Day Two

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Integrating negotiation skills into your organizational role

  • Role plays (general and role-specific)

  • Action planning

  • Wrap-up


Follow-up small group coaching sessions are available for an additional fee.

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