Transitioning from Training to Performance Consulting


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How to Transition From Training to Performance Consulting

These workshops provide an in-depth approach for transitioning your training department to a performance consulting department. The program consists of three two-day workshops with enough time between sessions to try out the skills you’ve learned in the real world.

These workshops begin by distinguishing the common characteristics and approaches of a training organization with those of a true performance consulting organization. The critical skills required of a performance consultant are identified and practices, including performance analysis, gap analysis, consulting approaches, intervention selection, implementation and evaluation.

Sufficient time is provided between each two-day session for participants to reflect on their learning and to apply the newly-learned approaches to their work environment. Each subsequent session begins with a discussion of what worked-what didn’t and how we should address the challenges we faced while taking advantages of the positive outcomes.



  • Identify the differences between a training function and a performance consulting function

  • Identify the key consulting skills required to become a successful performance consulting 

  • Identify the steps in conducting a performance analysis

  • Identify the steps in conducting a performance gap analysis 

  • Identify actions for successfully managing organizational change 

  • Learn a comprehensive performance consulting model 

  • Develop an approach for evaluating performance interventions (particularly organizational impact)

  • Learn how to conduct a stakeholder analysis

  • Develop applications for the concept of “organizational alignment”

  • Develop a draft of an action plan for making the training-to-performance consulting transition


Session One (two days)

  • Defining performance consulting 

  • The marriage of instructional design and performance consulting 

  • Conducting a performance gap analysis 

  • Core competencies of a performance consultant

  • How performance consultants work with their clients

  • Analyzing your organization for performance improvement opportunities

  • Introducing our performance consulting model 

  • Performance interventions (training and non-training) 

  • Change management and the transition to performance consulting

  • Between-session work assignment


Session Two (two days)

  • Review of between-session work assignment – lessons learned

  • Principles of human performance improvement

  • Conducting a front-end analysis 

  • Approaches to identifying and influencing human performance variables

  • Separating symptoms from causes

  • Between-session work assignment


Session Three (two days)

  • Review of between-session work assignment – lessons learned

  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis

  • How to develop powerful job aids

  • Approaches to evaluating performance improvement interventions

  • How performance consulting supports organizational alignment 

  • Evaluating transfer and impact on the business 

  • Developing a detailed plan for implementing performance consulting in your organization

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