Client Testimonials


Bud has worked on many consulting projects for my company andmany of our Fortune 500 clients. During the six or so years that wehave worked together, Bud has always met customer expectationsand is a pleasure to work with.

Founder & CEO, Haig Barrett Inc.



I worked with Bud when I was the Global Head of Customer Education for the world’s largest post trade infrastructure organization. Bud helped us transition our instructor led training program from a classroom based approach into a blended delivery model. This redesign resulted in a 75% decrease in travel costs and a 6% increase in customer satisfaction. Bud is thorough, knowledgeable, and has the unique ability to assess the culture of an organization and make the appropriate adjustments so that the change he introduces is accepted.

Author, Professor, Educational Consultant



I met Bud 20 years ago when he was a professor at Penn State and had the pleasure of working with him on a consulting project with IBM. I learned a lot from working with him. His consulting/problem-solving approach in human performance areas is very practical - find what is working and design a way to replicate it in all performers in that role. His experience and leadership skills drive consistently good results for clients.

Independent Consultant, Leadership & Sales Management



I’ve known Bud both professionally and personally for over 20 years. In that time, we have worked together on many projects. Most notably, during my time at the University of Toyota, Bud was indispensable in the education of our Curriculum Development Team, creation of our Measurement & Evaluation Department and forging articulation agreements with Academic Universities. Bud’s work in the classroom is engaging and he always received top marks on student evaluations. Whether it’s Instructional Systems Design, Management Development or Performance Consulting, Bud goes above and beyond delivering added value in all he does.

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones



Bud helped transform an 18 month product implementation timeline down to 12 months. He was able to bring together Creative Design, Engineering, Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain operations to streamline our process. His ability to have people think outside the box or review their own process was invaluable. I highly recommend Bud's work.

Director of Purchasing & Planning at Yuasa Battery, Inc.



Looking for an innovative / original thinker who challenges the current thinking and status quo, yet is also capable of planning and executing the change required to implement   new ideas? I highly recommend Bud. We worked together on several think tank groups. 

Founder & Advisor, ORYO



Bud delivers results for his clients. I have been fortunate to utilize Bud’s expertise in several organizations, all sharing the similar goal of improving performance. Bud’s tremendous understanding of what drives performance at work sets him apart from others. In addition, his strong coaching skills are readily embraced by leaders. He equips and empowers them with the knowledge and skills to continue organization improvement efforts long after his assignment is completed. I strongly encourage any organization serious about performance improvement to utilize Bud’s services.

Sr. Director, Organization Development, Life & Specialty Ventures



I have known Bud for 30 years from many different vantage points. His integrity, exemplar behavior, and success. in helping people in organizations has been laudable. I highly recommend him as a consultant and coach for any organization that desires optimal success.

Founder and President,
Leaders by Design



I have known Bud for 20 years as a consultant, adviser, professor, and fellow professional association leader/member. I can strongly and confidently vouch for and offer the highest recommendation of Bud as business and performance consultant. Bud is not only an expert in management consulting - he is a 'thought-leader." Bud will offer you clear, targeted, workable solutions of the highest quality and value. Solutions that will fit in your work environment. You've made a wise decision to partner with Dr Benscoter.

Executive Coach



I've had the pleasure of knowing Bud since my days at PSGV. When I needed to bring someone in to work with the US-based team on negotiations skills, Bud was my first contact. His deep expertise and knowledge was invaluable to design a custom training and mentoring program for the team that helped them overcome several ongoing challenges in their day-to-day roles. The feedback from every one of the participants was not only how informative but how applicable and practical the skills were that Bud shared with them. Bud continues to be the person I go to when I am looking for someone with negotiation expertise, industry knowledge, and business acumen. I highly recommend Bud based on my experience both as a student and a client.

Managing Director, Accenture Life Sciences



I've worked with Bud for many years. He has that hard to find balance between being a thought leader but also getting things done. He is strategic and operational. Bud also has a tremendous capacity for dealing with ambiguity. He can take very complex situations/problems and break them down into smaller workable pieces. I recommend Bud to any organization!!!

President & Founder, SkillPoint Consulting



A leader in the field of performance management and improvement, Bud Benscoter brings cross-disciplinary skills and insights acquired from his work in training and education, human resources, leadership, and management. As a consultant, Bud works with organizations to understand their unique situation and challenges, and tailors a solution that will fit. He has been a trusted advisor to companies in multiple industries, including Technology, Pharmaceutical / Health Care, and Financial Services, and brings a broad perspective and strong energy to every assignment. At Bentley Systems, Bud worked with our Training group to build a performance-based approach into our course development process. More than 3 years later, we continue to build and expand on this strong foundation.

Learning and Development Leader


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