POWER© Presentations For Sales

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

Strategies and techniques for applying the POWER© Presentation method to a variety of sales presentations that reflect the appropriate stage in the selling process.

  • Audience: account executives, sales managers, business development managers

  • Maximum attendees: 8

  • Duration: Two days


  • Adapt the POWER© Presentation model to a sales environment

  • Identify the objective of each presentation based on your location within the selling cycle

  • Conduct an audience analysis and determine what the audience needs to hear from your presentation

  • Identify the components of the appropriate sales story. 

  • Create an engaging and well-organized presentation built around three main points

  • Use graphics effectively

  • Deliver an effective presentations that meets the POWER© Presentation model requirements


Agenda – Day One

  • Where we’re going the next two days and why

  • What does a successful sales presentation look and feel like? 

  • Introducing the POWER© Presentation model 

  • Mapping your presentation to your selling approach

  • Profiling your audience – What do they need to hear and why should they care? 

  • Identifying your core message

  • The power of stories in connecting with your audience

  • Demonstrating your knowledge of the audience’s business challenges

  • Developing your three solution points 

  • Request for action – what’s the audience’s next step? 

  • Avoiding “Death by PowerPoint” – what visuals (if any) do we need? 

  • Developing your introduction

  • Polishing your delivery skills

  • Handling question (expected and otherwise)

  • Putting it all together!


Agenda – Day Two

  • Finalize preparations and practice run-throughs

  • First presentation (10 minutes) with feedback (recorded)

  • Revisions and more practice

  • Final presentation with feedback (recorded)

  • Development planning

  • Where do we go from here?

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