Client Projects

DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation)

Worked with the client training department to introduce and incorporate performance-based training concepts and practices. Deliverables included a “How-to” manual for implementing performance-based training.

Siemens Corporation

Delivered 40+ two-day workshops for Siemens engineers, operations personnel and sales personnel on how to develop and deliver targeted, professional and engaging client presentations. 

Pepperidge Farm

Worked with plant management to implement a process for identifying and prioritizing key business process. Deliverables included a customized model for project prioritization called the PRIAM© model (Problem Identification and Analysis Model). 

George Mason University

Chief Learning / Talent Officer Certification Program

Delivered a learning module designed to introduce measurement and data analytics practices that demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships among learning and talent development decisions. Outcomes range from identifying training evaluation effectiveness to establishing predictive analytics frameworks.

University of Toyota

Worked with the training department to implement performance based training and a four-level training evaluation process. Also coordinated a Toyota / Northwood University partnership and analyzed success factors for their dealer’s ISO 9000 program.