POWER© Presentation Fundamentals

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

This workshop focuses on foundational skills required to be an engaging presenter, including:

  • How to know what your audience is looking for

  • Organizing your message so it’s clear and engaging

  • Using your voice, movement and gestures to reinforce your message

  • How to respond to questions effectively

  • How to adapt your communication style to different settings including face-to-face and virtual meetings

The session relies on a demonstration/practice/feedback approach to learning. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak and provide suggestions to the other participants. Your first and your final presentations will be video recorded and you’ll walk away with a copy of the presentations so you can see what worked well and what you’d like to improve.



  • To learn how to effectively blend the three components of an effective presentation (logic, credibility and emotion)

  • To organize a presentation based on what the audience wants to hear, not what you want to say

  • To improve your use of effective vocal and visual delivery techniques

  • To learn some tips for the effective use of visualization

  • To practice techniques for responding to an audience’s questions.

  • To deliver a 4-5 minute presentation of your choosing

  • To provide constructive presentation feedback to other workshop participants


Agenda – Day One

  • Introductions - who are you and why are you here?

  • Where we’re going and why

  • Your first presentation – choose your topic

  • The Rule of Three’s – Aristotle was right!

  • Organizing the content – are all presentations persuasive?

  • Creating the presentation (remember, it’s for your AUDIENCE)

  • Focusing on your delivery – time to be charismatic!

  • Using visualization to clarify, not confound

  • You don’t have any questions, do you???


Agenda – Day Two

  • Meetings, bloody meetings!

  • Virtually mastering the virtual meeting

  • Pulling together your final presentation

  • You’re on!

  • Where do I go from here?

  • Wrap-up

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