Our services focus on performance improvement in a variety of areas. Customized programs are uniquely tailored to each client's specific goals.

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More often than not, human performance issues in an organization result from deficiencies in the work environment or with people whose interests and skills don’t match the position they have. Unfortunately, training is often the proposed solution, but it misses the mark. 


GMB Performance applies a structured and analytical approach to uncovering improvement opportunities that address the most common barriers, including poorly defined jobs, a lack of performance feedback, inadequate or deficient work processes or inadequate incentives.

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Our exclusive POWER© process helps our clients achieve these ends by focusing on understanding our audience and their interests and needs, building a story that will build an emotional connection with the audience, present a solution that’s attractive from the audience’s point of view and conclude with a memorable ending. These techniques and others are developed through a variety of approaches, including workshops, customized consulting and coaching (long-distance or on-site). 


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Training is a broad term, and our business is ready to meet a wide variety of training and instructional design-related needs, including:

  • Analyzing existing training processes for efficiency, effectiveness and business impact 

  • Suggesting upgrades for an existing program that will meet the changing nature of today’s jobs and workers. 

  • Integrating advanced technologies into the training curriculum including performance-support systems, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 

  • Working with an organization’s training professionals to upgrade their skills to reflect a more performance-oriented approach.

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In today business environment, it’s not a shortage of data that’s the’s how we harness that data so that it informs and guides our decisions. Talent analytics challenges us to use the data we’re already collecting to identify cause-and-effect relationships among the numerous decisions we make about how we recruit new talent, how we bring them on board, how we train and develop them and how we keep them engaged in their work. Analytics provide the tools that answer these questions and GMB Performance helps its clients identify what questions they should be asking about their talent process and where to find the answers to those questions.




One way to get to know us better is through speaking engagements. Topics offered include:

  • How to Choose the Right Performance Evaluation Technique

  • We're All Leaders, So Let's TALK Like Leaders

  • Training and Development in Lean Times

  • Implementing Performance-Based Training

  • Analyzing Human Performance: Where Do We Begin?
  • Performance Consulting: More Mindset Than Methodology
  • Performance Consulting in the Nuclear Power Industry
  • Human Resource Metrics: Big Challenge, Big Opportunity

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