Human Performance Improvement

Change the work environment, change the outcome!

Experience and sound research have shown that most human performance issues, as well as opportunities for improvement, lie in the work environment. Put another way, improve the environment and your people will improve. 

A measured analysis of a work environment usually uncovers opportunities for improvement that can be easily addressed. These include providing clear direction on what is expected of someone in a job and providing timely and relevant feedback on how well they’re meeting expectations. 

Another prime candidate for improvement is in the area of resource allocation such as improving work processes that are outdated, ineffective or inefficient. 

Incentives are often at the heart of sub-par performance; i.e. a lack of relevant incentives or even an incentive system that rewards counter-productive behavior. 

From this brief snapshot, you can see that training, while certainly necessary to improving performance, is not usually the preferred solution to performance improvement. Change the work environment, change the outcome! 

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