This half-day workshop defines performance consulting and how it differs from training and organization development. Attendees will be introduced to a fundamental model for conducting performance analysis followed by a role play in which participants will practice the process of identifying core performance challenges. Attendees will then focus on projects they are currently completing and how they could be improved with the application of performance consulting approaches. The session will conclude with the introduction of a basic roadmap for implementing performance consulting in the participants’ places of work.


  • To distinguish Performance Consulting from training and OD

  • To identify a consulting approach that fits Performance Consulting

  • To apply a basic performance consulting tool to a case study

  • To identify several ways you can apply performance consulting techniques to an existing work product or project

  • To identify the steps in creating a Performance Consulting function.



  • Quick self-assessment: “How Close to Being a Performance Consultant Are You Now?” 

  • The origins of Performance Consulting 

  • Comparing performance consulting, traditional training and organization development

  • Introducing a gap analysis model 

  • Applying the concepts to your own work

  • Action Planning 

  • Q&A and Wrap-up

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