Effective Meeting Facilitation

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

Strategies and techniques for ensuring a well-run and productive meeting when you are not the team’s leader or manager. This workshop can be adapted to address the skills required to facilitate meetings with international or multi-cultural participants.

  • Audience: mid-level management or individual contributors who want to develop the skills required to facilitate meetings.

  • Maximum attendees: 20

  • Duration: One day


  • Identify the differences between leading a meeting and facilitating a meeting

  • Develop the skills required for encouraging group participation

  • Develop the skills required for addressing difficult meeting behaviors

  • Identify effective group decision-making processes

  • Practice the new skills in role-play scenarios



  • Distinguish between the role of group leader and group facilitator

  • The skills required to be an effective group facilitator

  • Using questions effectively

  • How do we handle difficult behavior? 

  • Tools and techniques for group decision-making

  • Small-group role plays

  • Action planning

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