Implementing Performance Consulting in Your Organization


Human Performance Improvement: Maximizing Performance - Performance Consulting Defined - Implementing Performance Consulting - Transitioning From Training - Our Approach

This full-day workshop will provide participants with guidelines for assessing their own organization and its readiness for implementing performance consulting. It is targeted to those professionals responsible for introducing and implementing organizational change, including trainers, instructional designers, training managers, human resource and organization development professionals. Participants will leave with an action plan that includes the enablers and barriers to success.

Participants should be prepared to create a new vision for improving human performance that they can begin to implement immediately after completing this workshop.



  • Position performance consulting (PC) in relation to training and OD

  • Provide a working definition of PC when others ask us what it is. 

  • Evaluate your organization’s readiness for PC 

  • Identify skills and competencies you’ll need to transition to PC 

  • Describe a change management process for introducing PC in an organization

  • Identify PC resources for your organization

  • Develop an action plan that answers the question “So what do I do TOMORROW?”



Session One (AM)

  • Establishing a working definition of performance consulting 

  • Analyzing your organization’s readiness for performance consulting 

  • Identifying enablers and barriers to a successful implementation

Session Two (AM)

  • Where should you begin – identifying the “low-hanging fruit” 

  • Positioning performance consulting with other training and OD efforts 

  • Creating your organization’s vision of performance consulting

Session Three (PM)

  • Creating and implementing a change management plan 

  • Identifying and developing critical performance consulting resources 

  • Establishing metrics to measure your success

Session Four (PM)

  • Creating your action plan

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