Advanced Techniques for POWER© Presentations

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

Many of today’s presenters have lost the ability to communicate a clear and concise message using their natural gifts of voice, movement and enthusiasm. This workshop is designed to focus participants on what makes an effective presenter and presentation.

The two-day workshop begins by establishing a baseline for the participants’ level of presentation skills. From there, a model for structuring an effective presentation is introduced and participants are asked to select a topic for their day two presentation while using the model as a guide. Day one concludes with a second opportunity to present along with video examples of presentations.

Day two is devoted to preparing the final presentation and presenting it to the group for comments and feedback. Participants will receive a video copy of their presentations before leaving.


  • Compare critical components of a baseline presentation to the workshop’s final presentation.

  • Apply the POWER© Presentation format (Profiling the audience, Offering your story, Working with the situation, Explaining your solution, Reviewing or Requesting action) to a 4-5 minute presentation on a topic of your choosing. 

  • Develop more advanced skills related to audience engagement, particularly (a) reading and responding to your audience; (b) speaking in a simple and concise manner, and (c) using visualization appropriately. 

  • Provide critical feedback on others’ presentations.

  • Identify one or two important elements of an effective presentation for continuous improvement.


Agenda – Day One

  • Welcome and introductions 

  • Setting your baseline

  • The POWER© Presentation approach

  • Profiling your audience and identifying your core message 

  • Offering your story

  • Working the problem or opportunity

  • Explaining your solution 

  • Requesting action

  • Death by PowerPoint!


Agenda – Day Two

  • Tips for engaging your audience

  • Handling questions 

  • Finalizing your presentation 

  • Delivering your presentation

  • Setting development targets

  • Wrap-up and evaluation

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