Acing the Interview

Leadership Communication: Presentation Skills (Fundamentals - Advanced - Sales) - Meeting Facilitation - Negotiation - Interviewing

Strategies for demonstrating your qualifications and readiness with poise and confidence when being interviewed for the next promotion or opportunity in the company. This program can be specially adapted for participants who speak English as a second or foreign language.

  • Audience: employees who are motivated to seek additional responsibilities and opportunities within the company, for which they will have to interview.

  • Number of participants: 10 – 25

  • Duration: Half-day


  • Identify what the interviewers want in the ideal candidate

  • Clarify one’s own qualifications for the opportunity, and reasons for wanting it

  • Gain an awareness what is communicated by appearance and body language 

  • Understanding the psychology of the interview, and controlling emotions

  • Practice strategies for asking and answering different kinds of interview questions 

  • Establish appropriate tone and rapport before, during and after the interview, orally and in writing



  • Goal setting: What do YOU want and why?

  • “Their” perspective: what skills, knowledge and traits are THEY looking for?

  • Attention to detail: oral and written strategies

  • Is it nerves or excitement? Dealing with emotions (or lack thereof)

  • Body language: what do you not realize you are saying?

  • The content: Answering technical questions

  • More content: Answering the “hard” questions

  • It’s not what you say, but how you say it: Speaking clearly, confidently, effectively

  • Turning the tables: asking questions in the interview

  • Following up

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